Details & Connections

Quality fixtures and fittings or bespoke connections designed and manufactured by UMG

Every project brings its own unique connections to develop, some more straightforward than others…

The connections between a piece of metalwork or glazing and its supporting structure is often a vital element of any project. If the design of a project places too much emphasis on the appearance of the glazing itself, it may not be structurally sound. If there is too much respect given to the supporting structure, it may not lead to a visually appealing result.

For that reason, at UMG we aim to strike a balance between the two in all our designs, embracing the unique connection needed for the project. We find that this dedication can make a difference to the final appearance of a project.

While some designs are more straightforward than others, on more difficult projects we are not afraid of moving away from standard off-the-shelf features and connections, designing and manufacturing bespoke fittings to properly secure the glazing in place. With our many years of experience in designing and installing metal and glass structures, we have the confidence to take on projects which may be considered tricky by other companies and make them into a resounding success.

One look at our gallery shows that we can create attractive, functional connections for a variety of situations such as staircases, elevator shafts, and building entrances.